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Dutch-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Dutch and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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translation of song » answer
by byron_03, 2016-11-20, 05:17  Spam?  186.23.249...
Hi! Just came across this beautiful song on a German radio and though l can guess some words, l can't grasp the meaning. Could someone please render the English version? Super thanks!


t Bord zegt mie: verloatst bebaauwde kom
De lucht betrekt en ik kiek achterom
Ien 't spaigel joagt 't swaarde mie noa
Kilometers, dit graauwe duurt zo laank
Dikke druppen op t roam en ik bin baange,
Ik ken verhoalen van dit stee in de nacht
t Swait brekt mie oet, kom ik nog wel thoes van de..

Kielsterachterweg, handen stief om ‘t stuur op de..
Kielsterachterweg, spookachteg en onnuur

Kraantekoppen spoken deur de bomen
Houveul binnen hier wel naait omkommen,
Bomen gruien op bloud in de grond
Ik mout hier weg, druk daip mien rechtervout
En joag mit 100 laangs Kiel Windeweer en...
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by wbk (BE), 2016-11-21, 13:07  Spam?  
I can´t give you a complete translation of the text; that's not the purpose of this forum. For lack of time and knowledge of the dialect from Groningen, I can only resume these lyrics: he is driving down a dangerous alley by stormy weather

"Ik ken verhoalen van dit stee in de nacht
t Swait brekt mie oet, kom ik nog wel thoes van de.. "

I know stories about this alley in the night
I start sweating, am I going to get home from the...

"Aalmoal mensen, pliezie stelt wat vroagen
Een kirrel wordt in ambulaanse droagen,
Toakelwoagen sleept n wrak oet de sloot"

All those people, the police is asking questions
a guy is being carried into the ambulance
a recovery vehicle is towing a wreck out of the ditch"

and so on...
Just need one word translated » answer
by Brooke R , 2016-09-29, 04:24  Spam?  166.137.125...
Hi! I just need one word translated.

"Human" --in the context "we are all human."

I google translated but i just want to verify because you know how that can be. Thanks in advance!
human  #855180
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-30, 07:54  Spam?  
the noun "human" = "mens"

so "we are all human" is best translated by "we zijn allemaal mensen".
So for once, google translate is correct ;-)
Ancient Dutch Letter » answer
by bacilococo, 2016-08-29, 15:23  Spam?  89.131.133....
Hi all,
My name is Francisco and I am Spanish. My grandfather recently showed me an old letter from one of my ancestors (circa 1625) and I think it's written in ancient Dutch or Flemish as my family originally moved to Spain from the Nederlands or Belgium.

I wonder if I can post it here to see if anyone can identify the language.
Thank you!!
In case you still need an answer...  #854789
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-24, 17:00  Spam?  
... have a try!
Here I go..  #854839
by bacilococo, 2016-09-25, 16:19  Spam?  213.143.60....
Thank you wbk, I hope it has enough quality
Yes...  #855053
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-28, 14:36  Spam?  
... that is Dutch. I recognise some words, however you need a palaeographer (which I am not) to decipher the full text.

Good luck!
ty  #855992
by bacilococo, 2016-10-12, 18:28  Spam?  213.143.60....
that will be my next step, thank you very much
Translate one word: tattle teller » answer
by MarkyMark1412, 2016-07-13, 17:21  Spam?  172.56.12...
I need the Dutch version of this English word with a connotative meaning in American English: a tattle teller.
For example, "Katie is a tattle teller. When her older sister snuck out of the house to meet a boy, Katie told her parents. Katie tattled on her sister".

Tattling refers mainly to children. The adult version of this word in English is a rat (slang). For example, Joe and his teenage buddies stole a six pack of beer from the garage of the old man who lives next door. Joe told the old man that his friends stole the beer. Joe is a rat. He ratted on his friends.
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-24, 16:58  Spam?  
Zulke » answer
by Craner, 2016-06-30, 04:12  Spam?  75.159.59...
In the following phrase, does Zulke mean "these" or "such"? It's a small but important distinction that I'm trying to clarify.   "Ze heeft zulke geniale ogen"
Thank you!
Such  #848669
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2016-07-11, 14:36  Spam?
Belated reply, but I do not visit here often.
Information about a change in the guidelines regarding delete votes » answer
by Paul (AT), 2016-06-27, 17:48  Spam?  
The basic rule in GL 3 is "Always confirm the first correct posting!". So far, when there was no completely correct posting, and someone voted for a deletion, this delete vote was the first correct posting, so it had to be confirmed. However, most of the contributors understood this differently or didn't want to comply with it, for reasons I understand. In the last months this rule was challenged several times, which caused a lot of discussions. In the end I came to the conclusion that the vast majority of the community wants less strict delete rules. After discussing some text suggestions (forum: #846903), the following rule was accepted and is now effective:

+Always confirm the first correct posting! [...]
A [del] vote is considered a correct posting if no previous posting (input, vote or comment) contained...
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Translation of 625 words to start learning Dutch » answer
by CanadaRunner, 2016-03-24, 17:52  Spam?  87.245.76....
Dear Forum

I started to learn Dutch and found the amazing list of 625 words from Gabriel Wyner to start any language.
Unfortunately I run in some problems with words which have multiple meanings or translation.
Now I would kindly ask if someone could translate me (and for everyone else) those 625 words.
Because I had already the embarrassing moments with google-like translation where people laughed at me or even worse, could barley understand me.

Here would be the list of the 625 words:


P.S. Yes, I read the guidelines and I tried to translate it...
List translation  #838793
by Catesse (AU), 2016-03-31, 07:39  Spam?  
You are really asking too much. Many of the words are already in dict, and you could easily look them up for yourself. If you select the words with which there is a real problem, somebody might be willing to help.
Is this Dutch translation correct please? » answer
by Aha_Mav, 2016-03-14, 21:23  Spam?  5.51.4....
I have an English text and its Dutch translation. Please help me to to understand whether the Dutch text is correct?

EN: Warning contains asbestos. Breathing asbestos dust is dangerous for health. Follow safety instructions.

NL: Voorzichtig bevat asbest. Het inademen van asbeststof is schadelijk voor de gezondheid.
Houdt u aan de velligheids - voorschriesten. Zak gesloten houden.

by Theo-gr (NL/GR), 2016-03-15, 12:01  Spam?  
velligheids - voorschriesten should be: veiligheidsvoorschriften - one word.
For the rest: perfect.
Is this Dutch translation correct please?  #837544
by Aha_Mav, 2016-03-15, 22:36  Spam?  5.51.4....
Thank you, Theo-gr!
NL-Engels vertaling van 1 zin.  » answer
by loving-chicago, 2016-02-19, 12:53  Spam?  77.173.74....
Hey there!

Vanuit het NL voor een film die ik aan het vertalen ben, zegt de hoofdpersoon:

"Hij heeft me achtergelaten met 10,000 euro schuld."

Is dit een juiste vertaling:

"He left me in debt of 10,000 euro." ?
by Windfall (GB), 2016-03-05, 22:31  Spam?  
He left me with €10,000 of debt.
word freel? » answer
by jmartinez (UN), 2016-02-13, 00:37  Spam?  
Hello, I'm translating a book's page using google. I found word "freel" but it seems like it doesn't exist.  What's the correct word?

"Zo zijn sommige rassen voor de zware fond soms freel van bouw, en zijn jonge duivers bijna niet te onderscheiden van duivinnen"

"Doorsnee gezien zijn de duiven tot vluchten van 600 km sterk en krachtig van bouw, ik bedoel hier niet dat ze groot zijn, en zijn de fondduiven eerder middelmatig soms wel freel van bouw en soepel."

thank you

frêle...  #834256
by wbk (BE), 2016-02-15, 21:41  Spam? the correct spelling.
It means more or the less the same as in French: frail, tenuous.
fijne vleeswaren in English » answer
by annaville (UN), 2016-01-25, 00:55  Spam?  

I was wondering how to translate 'fijne vleeswaren'. The context would be as follows: I want to be more than 'fijne vleeswaren' to you. I found the translation cold cuts, but can this be used in this context?

Thanks in advance for the advice!
?  #832788
by Catesse (AU), 2016-02-03, 08:23  Spam?  
"fijne vleeswaren".
At an uneducated guess: I want to be more than a nice piece of meat to you. (That is, "a sex object".)
Would that fit?
I agree with Catesse...  #832833
by wbk (BE), 2016-02-03, 15:09  Spam?  
...however, it sound s like an insider joke to me.
So "can this be used in this context?"
=> use it sparingly, there are far more elegant ways to put this ;-)
vocal translation » answer
by coquelicot (UN), 2016-01-05, 17:09  Spam?  
Hi, Happy New Year!
I am new to this forum, I need to translate a piece of recording ( it's vocal) it's in Dutch.
I think what I understand in the recording is "Dag, lieveling"  but I am not sure of it this is why I would like to submit the recording to a native dutch speaker. Is it possible?

Thank you

Is this the song?  #832787
by Catesse (AU), 2016-02-03, 08:19  Spam?  
Jij leeft je kleine, je vrolijke leven
van elke morgen, van elke dag.
Veel verse luiers, een kusje of zeven.
Dag lieveling, dag.

Read more:
THANK YOU  #833381
by coquelicot (UN), 2016-02-08, 17:04  Spam?  
Hi Catesse, thank you very much for your reply.
actually it is not a song, it's a piece of audio recording on a audui file that I need to translate and it's dutch. I am looking for someone in this forum who could listen to it and be able to help me translate. I think it says "dag, lieveling" but I am not sure.
Best Regards,
Dutch  #833419
by Catesse (AU), 2016-02-09, 00:16  Spam?  
It is regrettable that nobody fluent in Dutch seems to check forum regularly, and I look at it only occasionally.
"Lieveling" is usually "darling, sweetheart".
"Dag" would be a shortened form of "goeden dag"= "good day", "hello".
THANK YOU  #833652
by coquelicot (UN), 2016-02-10, 17:31  Spam?  
Thank you Catesse for your prompt reply.


Blue Eyed Angel » answer
by kvo, 2015-12-28, 15:22  Spam?  72.22.163...
I am hoping to get an English to Dutch translation of "Blue Eyed Angel"
Google  #832786
by Catesse (AU), 2016-02-03, 08:09  Spam?  
blauwogige engel  #832831
by wbk (BE), 2016-02-03, 15:00  Spam?  
Catesse,  I'm afraid the translation you suggested is Afrikaans...
(no offence, I love that language)
Afrikaans  #832873
by Catesse (AU), 2016-02-04, 04:00  Spam?  
No offence taken. I have no illusions about my competence in Dutch, and I had wondered about the blou-blauw discrepancy, but these queries had been sitting in forum for ages with nobody taking any notice, so I decided to do my best.
by wbk (BE), Last modified: 2016-02-04, 09:05  Spam?  
yes, I accidentally dropped by yesterday after a very long time... I tend to forget there's a NL-E forum as well...
Bun » answer
by Lee Alex, 2015-11-16, 12:14  Spam?  95.65.162...
I would like to know how to say "bun" in Dutch/Flemish.
Not BREAD BUN, but the hairstyle "bun" where the hair is gathered on top of the head in a kind of knot.
Thank you!
by Windfall (GB), 2015-11-22, 11:36  Spam?  
or knot
Can someone translate this song extract into Dutch? » answer
by nbao, 2015-11-12, 17:01  Spam?  79.253.177...
Hello :-)

I Need some help understanding this song :

"Zeg dat niet, houd je mond dicht
Tenzij jij weet wat jij zegt
Ik was echt verliefd op jou tot je mij liet zien
Hoe jij bent
Waarom kun jij doen alsof je mij niet kent
Oooh, dat is niet goed
Als je zo doet

We kunnen gaan en staan waar we willen schat
En al de haters die je hoort ja die verzinnen wat
Ik zag alleen jou, ook toen je met je vriendinnen was
Maar, alles is nu anders ik zou willen dat
Je niet meer in mijn hoofd bent, en ik niet meer aan je denk
Ik kan niet meer met je zijn omdat ik niet meer met je ben
Mijn verdriet dat drink ik weg
Kijk de money die ik spend
En nu loop je in de stad alsof je me niet kent
Je nieuwe matty is een sukkel
En je weet het
Misschien heb je nu spijt maar schat wat geeft het
Alles wat ik had, echt...
» show full text
Song translation » answer
by nbao, 2015-11-09, 21:45  Spam?  79.253.129....
Hello! Can someone help me to understand this song by translating it into English? Thanks a lot!
HELP: need this sentence in english pls! » answer
by Hwm , 2015-10-23, 23:38  Spam?  79.253.129...
What does the following mean in English?: Misschien was je me geluk, maar misschien was je ook mn ondergang.

Does it mean: Maybe you were my luck, but maybe you were also my doom.
correct!  #821841
by wbk (BE), 2015-10-26, 22:07  Spam?  
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