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Dutch-English Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in English or Dutch and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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Translation of a letter » answer
by euaquimesmoagora, 2018-01-31, 19:29  Spam?  187.53.7...
Hi there, I have a letter that I tried to translate with google and bing already but still dont get much of it, would anyone be willing to help me? I can send it to you by email if you dont mind. Thank you so much, you would be helping me a lot.
Translation of a letter  #886593
by pieterk (NL), Last modified: 2018-02-06, 16:55  Spam?  
Hi euaquimesmoagora,
On February 3rd, I left my mailaddress here for you to send me the letter, but I didn't get any response... Are you still interested in having the letter translated?
Best wishes, Piet
The Beef Kitchen » answer
by cbosman0 (UN), 2017-11-20, 08:53  Spam?  
Hi, How to I translate 'The Beef Kitchen' into Dutch? Its a company name. I've found a few translations and not sure which one is correct.

De rundvleeskeuken

De rundvlees keuken

Het rundvlees keuken
The Beef Kitchen  #882491
by pieterk (NL), 2017-11-20, 16:42  Spam?  
The correct translation would be "De rundvleeskeuken". The Dutch word "keuken" is m/v, so the article is "de". And words should be written together as much as possible in Dutch, esp. when they are spoken as one word, so "rundvleeskeuken".
Administrative paperwork (ticket contestation) » answer
by SirDlrme, 2017-09-29, 19:07  Spam?  145.2.224....
Good evening everybody,

I am a student from France, staying 6 months in Deventer for my studies, and on the first day I arrived I went to the convenience store (Action) to buy the basic supplies to spend the first night at least.
When I got back out, I got a parking ticket because I didn't pay, and I sincerely didn't know, I never knew you could pay for a shop's parking...

So I asked for help to a friend of mine and he wrote this for me, because I thought it would be better if the letter was in dutch rather than in english :

"Geachte mevrouw, heer,

Ik studeer op Saxion, Deventer, ik kom oorspronkelijk uit Frankrijk.
Op 25 augustus 2017 arriveerde ik in Nederland. Op zaterdag 26 augustus heb ik geparkeerd bij de Action, Rijsterborgherweg 9, 7412 VA Deventer om hier boodschappen te doen die ik nodig...
» show full text
by wbk (BE), 2017-10-16, 14:38  Spam?  
The letter basically says your reasons not to pay your parking fee are unfounded. If you don´t agree, you can appeal against the decision to the court in Overijssel. Consider well before you do so, especially if you don't speak Dutch and the fee is "only" 90 euros...
[SPAM]» answer
by antonyshaji, 2017-09-07, 23:14  103.252.25...
Translation of a Operation Manual » answer
by Drcornikov, 2017-08-11, 11:43  Spam?  81.137.194...

Can anyone help me with translation of a Dutch Operation manual, it is quite technical and Google translate does not make sense.

It is:

Stap 1:

Maak een doorvoer voor het snoer van de motor.
Opmerking: opgelet voor het watergedeelte als de screen onder een gesloten ligger geplaatst wordt! Hier moet je zorgen dat je altijd perfect in het profiel monteert en max 12mm diep boort. Als de screen onder een gootprofiel gemonteerd wordt, blijf je sowieso onder het technisch gedeelte.

Stap 2:
Bevestig de montageprofielen

Monteer de montageprofielen (AP2003) aan de paalprofielen en aan de ligger van het Umbris lamellendak.
1. Zorg ervoor dat de middelste lijn van het montageprofiel precies op 50mm vanaf de zijkant van het paalprofiel en ligger komt.
2. Plaats het montageprofiel...
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Help » answer
by ciaran101, 2017-08-06, 14:51  Spam?  83.136.43....
Hi, launching a video doorbell product into Holland as a university project. And need some copy for a pretend advertisement.

'Home security system'

'30 day money back guarantee'

I tried Google translate of course. Just thought a native speaker could help me out.

Many thanks form Ireland

by need-help (UN), 2018-01-22, 23:51  Spam?  
'30 dagen niet-goed-geld-teruggarantie' = 30 day money back guarantee

There is not a literal translation for 'home security system', but I'd use:
'beveiligingssysteem voor het huis'
'alarmsysteem voor uw woning'
Single sentence on a funky dutch tile  » answer
by Llottieda, 2017-06-25, 20:14  Spam?  63.145.194...
Found a funky dutch tile with an image of a man sitting on a toilet with a cigarette in one hand, megaphone in the other, newspaper at his feet.

The text says "zeg't voort, zeg't voort, 'n korte tÿd is wat hier hoort"

Google translated this to mean "Say on, say a short word is what's here", which doesn't make sense to me in the context- what would that have to do with the image? If someone can crack this one for me I would be so grateful! This is a funny little mystery.

Thanks in advance!
by Windfall (GB), 2017-07-03, 20:56  Spam?  
I think it means
Spread the word, spread the word, a short time here is the way it should be
Letter from Great Great Opa » answer
by kahakura (NZ), Last modified: 2017-05-17, 08:27  Spam?  
I have just come into possession of my Opa's letter.
He died long ago yet has great great grandchildren here in New Zealand.
I have a letter written to his son, my father, in Dutch, and would like to find someone who has the time to translate it into English for my mother, wife of the recipient.
It is 3 pages of close type. I consider that a long letter. Can anyone offer help in translating this?

I can email the letter scan document as an attachment to email perhaps.
statistieken volgen » answer
by greedyfly, 2017-04-07, 20:30  Spam?  83.7.233...

Ho would you translate the following sentence:

Van beide soorten verzoeken statistieken volgen.
statistieken volgen  #882494
by pieterk (NL), 2017-11-20, 16:50  Spam?  
The sentence doesn't make much sense to me, as I do not have any context. But the word order seems to be wrong and might have to be: "Van beide (soorten) verzoeken volgen er statistieken", which means: "Of both (kinds of) requests, statistics follow". Would this be helpful?
Dutch book » answer
by nigilmaadhust (UN), 2017-03-15, 17:53  Spam?  
Hello all

I am learning Dutch online (very slowly). What I need is a best suitable book. For German I knew some books like Studio D, Netzwerk, Tangaram and for French some books. Like that, is there any Dutch learning book with colourful photos? Sorry, If my query is not suitable to this forum.

Please suggest me a Dutch learning book (Work book + course book for beginners with audio CD). Thanks.
Goeiemorgen  #866904
by wbk (BE), 2017-03-17, 09:43  Spam?  
I never needed a Dutch course, but I have a few courses for self-study in other languages which are fairly good.
You could try "Colloquial Dutch" (with CD) or ( a bit more elaborate) books from the "Prisma Taaltraining" (mp3s can be downloaded)
Neither of them contains a lot of photos, as far as I know.

Good luck!
Van harte bedankt! :-)  #867574
Mouthsoaping » answer
by Johannes1982 (UN), 2017-03-09, 22:46  Spam?  
What are the Netherlands People calling this Kind of Domestic Discipline? In America they call it Mouthsoaping. If a Child or Teenager or Slave (BDSM) uses Foul Language, this Person gets the Mouth washed out with a Bar of Soap. How do the People in the Netherlands call this Punishment in Dutch?
Few lines needed for translation  » answer
by Kristian DK, 2017-02-25, 11:07  Spam?  93.164.46....
I need the following translated into correct Dutch. Some of the sentences have char limits you can adjust for that as long as the meaning is not lost

50% Final Sale

Save 50% on all items on sale (max char lenght 30 - so could also be just" 50% on all items on sale")

Sale ends on the 30th of March - Hurry and shop in official webshop!

Buy X's newest collection

Colorful Scandinavian design (max char lenght 30)

The greatest selection online  (max char lenght 30)

Huge selction - Get inspired and shop in X's official webshop!

The greatest selection online and fast delivery - Shop online here!

I really appreciate the help, kinda desperate.


Translation  #866489
by IceSkaarj (BE), 2017-03-09, 20:17  Spam?  
50% Laatste Korting

Bespaar 50% op alle artikelen in solden

De solden eindigen op 30 maart

Koop X's nieuwste collectie

Kleurrijke Scandinavische collectie

De grootste online selectie

Mega selectie - Laat jezelf inspireren en kom shoppen in X's officiële webshop!

De grootste online selectie en snelle levering - Shop online hier!
translation of song » answer
by byron_03, 2016-11-20, 05:17  Spam?  186.23.249...
Hi! Just came across this beautiful song on a German radio and though l can guess some words, l can't grasp the meaning. Could someone please render the English version? Super thanks!


t Bord zegt mie: verloatst bebaauwde kom
De lucht betrekt en ik kiek achterom
Ien 't spaigel joagt 't swaarde mie noa
Kilometers, dit graauwe duurt zo laank
Dikke druppen op t roam en ik bin baange,
Ik ken verhoalen van dit stee in de nacht
t Swait brekt mie oet, kom ik nog wel thoes van de..

Kielsterachterweg, handen stief om ‘t stuur op de..
Kielsterachterweg, spookachteg en onnuur

Kraantekoppen spoken deur de bomen
Houveul binnen hier wel naait omkommen,
Bomen gruien op bloud in de grond
Ik mout hier weg, druk daip mien rechtervout
En joag mit 100 laangs Kiel Windeweer en...
» show full text
by wbk (BE), 2016-11-21, 13:07  Spam?  
I can´t give you a complete translation of the text; that's not the purpose of this forum. For lack of time and knowledge of the dialect from Groningen, I can only resume these lyrics: he is driving down a dangerous alley by stormy weather

"Ik ken verhoalen van dit stee in de nacht
t Swait brekt mie oet, kom ik nog wel thoes van de.. "

I know stories about this alley in the night
I start sweating, am I going to get home from the...

"Aalmoal mensen, pliezie stelt wat vroagen
Een kirrel wordt in ambulaanse droagen,
Toakelwoagen sleept n wrak oet de sloot"

All those people, the police is asking questions
a guy is being carried into the ambulance
a recovery vehicle is towing a wreck out of the ditch"

and so on...
Just need one word translated » answer
by Brooke R , 2016-09-29, 04:24  Spam?  166.137.125...
Hi! I just need one word translated.

"Human" --in the context "we are all human."

I google translated but i just want to verify because you know how that can be. Thanks in advance!
human  #855180
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-30, 07:54  Spam?  
the noun "human" = "mens"

so "we are all human" is best translated by "we zijn allemaal mensen".
So for once, google translate is correct ;-)
Ancient Dutch Letter » answer
by bacilococo, 2016-08-29, 15:23  Spam?  89.131.133....
Hi all,
My name is Francisco and I am Spanish. My grandfather recently showed me an old letter from one of my ancestors (circa 1625) and I think it's written in ancient Dutch or Flemish as my family originally moved to Spain from the Nederlands or Belgium.

I wonder if I can post it here to see if anyone can identify the language.
Thank you!!
In case you still need an answer...  #854789
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-24, 17:00  Spam?  
... have a try!
Here I go..  #854839
by bacilococo, 2016-09-25, 16:19  Spam?  213.143.60....
Thank you wbk, I hope it has enough quality
Yes...  #855053
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-28, 14:36  Spam?  
... that is Dutch. I recognise some words, however you need a palaeographer (which I am not) to decipher the full text.

Good luck!
ty  #855992
by bacilococo, 2016-10-12, 18:28  Spam?  213.143.60....
that will be my next step, thank you very much
Translate one word: tattle teller » answer
by MarkyMark1412, 2016-07-13, 17:21  Spam?  172.56.12...
I need the Dutch version of this English word with a connotative meaning in American English: a tattle teller.
For example, "Katie is a tattle teller. When her older sister snuck out of the house to meet a boy, Katie told her parents. Katie tattled on her sister".

Tattling refers mainly to children. The adult version of this word in English is a rat (slang). For example, Joe and his teenage buddies stole a six pack of beer from the garage of the old man who lives next door. Joe told the old man that his friends stole the beer. Joe is a rat. He ratted on his friends.
by wbk (BE), 2016-09-24, 16:58  Spam?  
Zulke » answer
by Craner, 2016-06-30, 04:12  Spam?  75.159.59...
In the following phrase, does Zulke mean "these" or "such"? It's a small but important distinction that I'm trying to clarify.   "Ze heeft zulke geniale ogen"
Thank you!
Such  #848669
by Catesse (AU), Last modified: 2016-07-11, 14:36  Spam? zulk
Belated reply, but I do not visit here often.
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